Thursday, 15 December 2011

You tossed it in the trash

 luahan hati:
i wont use the excuse called loved anymore,cinta..pernah ker ader dalam hati awak untuk saya,walau secebis,tak pernah kan,saya tahu,no matter how long i wait ,i cant go to be by you,if only it would make everything never to have happened

 fool scar

there is a girl who loves you
she loves you with all his heart
she follows you around like a shadow everyday
she smiles to the world but is hurting inside
just how much longer should i
look at you alone and continue
this overwhelming love
this all consuming love
how much longer will it take for you to love me
just come a little closer,to me
i want you with me ,but you pull away
that girl is in pain whenever she is with you
because i love you
that girl had to learn how to smile
because he has always been guarded
that girl mind is full of sadness
because she has to keep her feelings to herself
that girl loves you,bacause
you are both the same
you are both fools,
a pair of fools
my heart cries for you,always for you
but you dont hear,
and yet that girls
still waits for you
do you know that girl is me?
you're not pretending not to are you?
you may not know because you are a fool
just how much longer do i have to
gaze at you alone
this overwhelming love
this crippling_like love

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