Saturday, 19 October 2013

are you hurt?

Things do get complicated.

Life is not easy, not all the time
It's not every time and everything about being so lucky. 
It's not that God doesn't love us.
Everyone needs to face test.  
Because we will never know how is it like to feel Beyond happy if we never know understand what is pain.
No. Life is Fair. People Not. Allah is fair, because HE loves us no matter what.

Not Everyone is going to love us. Understand us. Think Good about us. Be there for us all the time.

To be honest, we can't do that too. There's always a fight between nafs and Iman.

Do the best. Remember Allah. Please Lord , prevent us from any maksiat or evil on earth.

Eyes, Mouth, Ears , Nose, Hands, Legs, Mind, Heart.


Things Just Happen.Yes some hurt . But that's the purpose. As that's how we learn to appreciate.

People , and what we have.

Don't over think and keep counting what we don't have and what people have.

Some people do have it because, that what's best for them. There's always the best for us.

What we have today.

As how we see we have weakness. So does anybody else.

As how we see people have specialness. So do us.

Destiny , Taqdir . Yes Allah has written it for us.

But, it's actually what path do we choose. How we handle things.

What decision we made.

People can talk. people can say.

But it's our Amanah to takecare of what Allah has given, we are just borrowing.

Our job to take care of ourselves. The best as we can to prevent Fitna, to people. to us.

Do the best, let Allah settle the rest.

Obviously, shaytan is everywhere. Nafs is always in our heart. Anyone's heart.

So we actually can't stop people from thinking/talking negatively.

But always, keep people's aib. Allah will keep our 'aib, in this world and InshaaAllah HereAfter.


As long as we breath, it's never too late to turn back, to HIM.

As long as the heart beats, there's always a chance.

It's okay. HE knows.

We cry, we get mad, we feel extremely insane. Mixed Feelings.

It's okay. We ARE human.

and guess what? TURN BACK TO HIM. Regardless time, place.

Be nice. Be good. Nothing to lose.

HE shall give the best. To you, me, us.

Hold On. Keep praying. When the time comes,


"Then when you have taken a decision, put your trust in Allah."
[ Surah Al-'Imran ; 159 ]
And one thing , I remind self everyday, If everything is easy, it's not LIFE
by dena bahrin

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